Wednesday night, I joined a friend and a handful of other students, and we went to a concert. The location is a former railway station in the inner city that now is a cultural center for concerts, DJ events, cabaret, cinema, and readings.

The band that was playing is called Dub, and their music can be described as American-style independent rock with soul and blues elements. I loved their sound.

You can hear at least two of the band members, the awesome drummer Brian Blade and the incredibly talented singer Trixie Whitley who also plays drums, piano, and guitar – my gosh, this woman is just in her early 20s! – in the video below. The band is completed by the famous producer Daniel (guitar) and Daryl (bass).

~ you can listen to some more songs here ~

It was quite crowded, and we climbed up the stands and stood at the back wall of the hall from where we had a good sight of the stage. I took a couple of terribly blurry pictures because I am against using the flash in a concert.

The concert started with a singer/songwriter supporting act, Rocco, who performed his songs on a resonator guitar. His music had a rather melancholic and introvert sound which I liked very much. From the video below (which I happily found on YouTube), you can get an impression. That song was my favorite.

And then, Dub rocked the stage. For almost the whole time, I just stood there with eyes closed, leaned against the wall behind me, and just listened. Music works like drugs in my brain, it totally fills and clears my mind, and I forget everything around me. I do not have synesthesia in the sense of seeing colors when I hear certain sounds, but I perceive structures, as if I was looking through a kaleidoskope that makes everything fall into place again and again as you slowly rotate it. I have often experienced that music has the effect that it reorganizes my thoughts and feelings, so that I come out of it with a new configuration of my mind, and this time, it was extremely powerful because there is nothing like the energy of a live concert.

The whole concert was totally awesome. Suddenly, two hours had passed, but I would not have had anything against them going on for the whole night.

After the concert, we went to my friend’s home and sat on the roof terrace until late at night, enjoying drinks and talking. It was a wonderful evening.

When have you been to a live concert for the last time?

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