I have realized that I have not made a post in this little series for a while, in which I post pictures of my favorite mugs along with a little wise saying printed on a Yogi Tea tag. Some of you were so kind to send me a picture of their favorite mug, and I will include them into these posts one by one.

For today’s post, I have chosen my favorite mug. She is a psychologist (like me) and a vegan (unlike me), and although she does not live far away from me, we have not met in person yet. This will hopefully change soon! She even has an original Yogi Tea mug.

About the mug, she told me that she likes it very much because it is transparent, so she can see the color of the tea. This makes her happy every time. Yay for the little things of happiness!

My mug for today is the little blue flower-pattern mug I got from my grandmom. It is one of my very favorites, and since we both love psychology a lot, I pictured it in front of a pile of psychology books. (I am currently drinking tea from this mug as well, but I have put the books away meanwhile.)

The Yogi Tea wisdom comes from Clara’s “Enchanting Peppermint” Yogi Tea this time. The tea tag says, “trust in the wisdom of the heart”. I love that very much. Several times in my life, I have made decisions that turned out to be unfortunate later on, because I neglected what my heart was telling me, and went for rational arguments instead. Rational arguments can be helpful, but many other factors play a role as well in whether or not we are satisfied with a decision we have made. These other factors may not even come to our consciousness, and some of them probably do not seem convincing because they are not based on reasoning but rather on feeling. Now, I have learned (by experience) to listen to the subtle feelings which I indeed have about many things and persons, and these feelings are often a better guide than the rational mind. This does not mean to neglect your senses, just that you should also listen to what the feeling is telling you. Do not forget the feeling is wise and knows a lot about yourself. And yes, this statement is indeed supported by psychological research.

If you like this series and want to partake in it as well, please send a picture of your favorite mug and tell me what you like so much about it – I will come around to posting it one day . You do not have to picture your mug with some Yogi Tea wisdom because I also have Yogi Tea in my cupboard, but if you like that as well, it is always appreciated.

Do you trust your feelings?

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