A few days ago, it happened that I was given a blog award. Thank you so much for this!

This made me happy for several reasons: It does not happen every day that you receive a blog award, and I feel honored every time when I am chosen. This time I feel especially honored since the blog award I got is meant for rather small blogs (with less than 200 followers) that are somehow special and worth reading.

But, most importantly: Have you ever seen such a cute blog award?

~ my new mp3 player ~

I bought this one from my Christmas money, when my old one was starting to establish a habit of showing nervous tics. An mp3 player is a vital accessory for me, because it helps me to leave the house by keeping the noise overload at bay when I go by tram or walk down the pedestrial area in the inner city. I love this one because it is pink and has this cute flowery design.

~ Percy ~

Percy is a little plush turtle I got from a very good friend for my last birthday. He is not actually pretty, but he has the most lovely and trusting eyes imaginable. From the moment I saw him for the first time, he had a place in my heart, and he has been constantly accompanying me in my pocket since then.

~ my Ma’s Mii ~

When I got a Wii, the first thing I did was making Miis for my family and closest friends. These Miis show up frequently when I play, and I am happy every time I see them. I have a very special relationship with my Ma, so it makes me particularly happy when I see my Ma’s Mii. And it really looks like her.

~ my gecko felt bag ~

I got this felt bag for Christmas last year. It is handmade by a northern German craftslady who makes these bags which have covers you can exchange. So basically, you can buy a bag and then get different covers and change them according to your liking and daily mood. My mom picked this green gecko cover for me, and scored a 100 % hit.

~ my flower carry bag ~

Another new bag! This one just arrived on Monday, and I love it a lot. I always wanted to have a nice carry bag I, and finally found this one. I like the flowers, and it has a lot of space for storage, which is perfect for somebody who tends to carry around a lot of things, just in case.

~ PlayStation Portable with games ~

I am a little nostalgic when it comes to video games. I love these old-school role playing and strategic role playing games, and my favorite ones I have played through 10 or more times. Now I can replay them on my PSP, while being curled up in my rocking chair or laying in my bed. The graphics and dialogues have been overworked in a very nice way, without destroying the feel of the original game. And since 2012 is my year of playing, I really enjoy this.

~ banana fresh box ~

This one is not for me, actually. I sent it to my Ma for her birthday last year (along with tea, spices, and homemade almond butter stuffed into the meanwhile emptied Happy Bee Manuka honey jar Stephanie had sent me a while ago). This fancy banana fresh box will hopefully prevent my Ma’s beloved bananas from getting squeezed in her golf bag. Note that it has breathing holes for the banana, so this is really fancy.

~ Chopin’s piano concerto #2 ~

This is one of my favorite piano concertos. When I listened to it for the first time, I immediately knew that I wanted to be able to play it. Last year or so, I could play half of the first movement, but then I focused on another piece I prepared for the annual recital at my teacher’s home, and recently refreshed a couple of yet other pieces, abandoning this wonderful piano concerto. Now I dug it out again, and although I have to work on some passages again, I am happy that large parts are still in my fingers.

~ my piano ~

Forever, unchanged.

Which are some of your favorite things, of lately or in general?

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