It is Yogi Tea wisdom time again! And my wonderful blogging friend was the first one to send me a picture of one of his favorite mugs, so this one is featured on here today. (More are to follow!) Here is what Andrew told me about that mug:

“This is a picture of a new mug my lovely daughter bought for me for my recent birthday. The story behind the picture is that it is about “Monkey News” a segment on the Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington (British comedians) podcasts, which we both love. It would usually have a nice hot, strong black coffee in it.”

This is such a lovely idea! And the fact that there is a monkey printed on it very well suits the circumstance that Andrew posted the most lovely zoo pictures on his blog not too long ago.

On my side, I can contribute another animal mug to go with this. Here you can see my little (it is really quite small!) birds-and-trees mug I bought in Lübeck when I visited my parents the last time.

And of course we have some Yogi Tea (and wisdom) in it!

The teabag tag says, “Knowing others is clever. Knowing yourself is wise.”

I totally believe that. The long years of being insecure about myself, and wandering around without being sure what exactly to do with my life, or which people were compatible with me (an vice versa) are not forgotten yet. From my personal experience, I can say that learning myself has helped a great deal to figure that out. You see, it is not about being like this or like this, it is just about being who you are. As much as I love to think of personality as a process rather than a state, I still believe that everybody actually has an authentic inner nature or core self that can hardly – and does not need to be – changed. Nobody can live against his or her nature in the long run, so better make your peace with it, and then get the best out of yourself within the frame you bring with you. If you know yourself and accept who you are, you will be able to pick from the world what is good for you, and put yourself in a position where you can flourish. Not everything is for everybody, it is rather about finding the right fit for you. And whatever that is, it is okay, because it is okay who and how you are.

Do you feel that you know yourself?

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