Not in real life, but virtually this time. As you may have noticed, I have moved to a new (my own ) domain and also changed the name of my blog. However, my blog is going on here like before – the new domain was simply mapped over my old WordPress domain, so you will automatically be directed to the new domain now while everything is still there.

~ one of my favorite pieces of happy melancholy music ~

The reason for this was that I did not want this blog to be mainly about food and eating anymore, but also about all the other things I am interested in an enjoy and would love to share: psychology, music, mindfulness, good books, photography, piano playing, healthy living in general, and of course also food and eating and my thoughts on that. Not to forget the Smileys!

So do not be afraid that you will not find any nutrition-related posts or recipes on here anymore – you will! – but you will find a lot of other things as well, and I hope you will enjoy them! I chose a title for my blog that seemed to be more appropriate to what I want this blog to be and continue to become – because all these things I want to write about on here make up my funny little life. Welcome (again)!

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