It was dancing time again! Friday was the day of this semester’s psychology party, and unlike the last time, it did not take place at the psychological institute, but at a small alternative music club. However, like the last time (and several times before), I was asked to DJ, and so I did!

I am not at all a party girl, but I enjoy DJing every once in a while. Being an introvert person, this is also a great way for me to “survive” a party. See, I usually have a problem with being squeezed in the middle of a crowd and people touching me all the time (which cannot be avoided in the middle of a crowd), and I am not so much a socializer, so I usually just go for an hour or two, sustain some small talk, and then go home. I like to go and see some fellow students and dance a little every now and then, but I tend to get tired very quickly – not in the sense that I would have to go to bed, but from too many people and chatter and noise around me which feed my need for alone time. But there, in the little peaceful space behind the mixer, I have a sanctuary from where I can observe the dancefloor and feel like actually attending the party without being in the middle of it, or standing by the side and feeling a little lost. And everybody is happy that I am there because I get the people dancing.

I am not a professional DJ, but I have a good feeling for music and for what the people want for dancing, and I was happy to see that I had them on the dancefloor non-stop for the three hours of my shift. Three hours may sound like a lot of time to fill, but they passed very quickly, like DJing time always tends to do. This means that you should play the best you have.

I had prepared different sets of music, according to different styles – it always works fine to start with independent rock, then move on to dancehall, funky tunes, and big beat, and end with electro later at night, because there are a lot of people with different tastes in music, and this is quite a good solution to play something for everybody and still have consistent music sets. People screamed when I played The Killers and The Gossip, they sang when I played The Rolling Stones and The White Stripes, they danced on the tables when I played MC Hammer and Peter Fox, they raved when I played Trentemøller and Deadmau5. We all had fun.

The next day, I was tired and vexed by a headache until late afternoon, although the only thing I drank the night before was a big bottle of sparkling water – unnecessary to say that I had quite a hard time to stick to my “from mollusk to muscle” plan, and I must admit that I did not manage to go for a running-and-walking something in the morning. However, I managed a quick-paced 20 minutes walk later that day, and I think this is quite good since my goal was to do a little something every day, and 20 minutes of walking are a little something.

Even more unfortunately, I woke up with a sore throat and stuffed sinuses, and I am seriously annoyed. I feel a little sick rather often – not enough to stay in bed, but too much to exert myself a lot. What do you do in situations like that? Have a rest day, or exercise nevertheless? I am afraid I would have quite a lot of rest days, and I am concerned about my habit building plans when accounting for it too much. Of course, it also means welcome counter-exercise arguments for the blue Smiley … So, I am thinking about another walk today and some stretching at home. And lots of vitamins to get back on my feet – like this.

Apple and Lemon Protein Smoothie with Chili

2 glasses


1 apple
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp protein powder (I used rice protein powder)
175 ml (3/4 cup) water
125 ml (1/2 cup) almond milk
1/4 tsp dried chili flakes


Blend and enjoy.

What do you do exercise-wise when feeling a little sick? Do you enjoy parties? And which is your favorite kind of music for dancing?

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