If I had to eat just one dish for the rest of my life, or had to chose my last meal, it would be carrot tagliatelle with chicken. The basics are always the same: I use two or three carrots (depending on size), cut into tagliatelle, a sliced red onion, and some chicken breast fillet I cut into bite-sized pieces. I start with roasting the onion in a little ghee, then add the carrots, put the lid on and roast them until they become tender. In the end, I add the chicken, and the covered roasting goes on until everything is done. Sometimes, I add a little water some time along the way, but often I do not have to. The seasoning is always a little salt or soy sauce, lots of black pepper or chili, and either cinnamon or Chinese five-spice – and then, lots of fresh herbs. It is a very simple and delicious dish that is ready within 10 or 15 minutes, and I often make varieties of it by adding some other veggies – mostly green veggies, like spinach, kale, or broccoli – and different herbs.

I really eat this dish a lot, way more than my blog reflects so far, so I decided that it was time to devote a post to this dish. And since I do not want to bother you with countless recipe posts on different chicken-with-carrot-tagliatelle variations, I thought to show you some of them in a single post.

In this version, I added lamb’s lettuce which is a mild-tasting lettuce with small, dark green leaves that is similar to spinach, but other than spinach, you can get it fresh during the whole year over here. I also used fresh dill.

~ it is a special joy to take shine-through pictures of carrot tagliatelle ~

Here is another version with sweetheart cabbage, which can be compared to white cabbage but it is more tender, and chives.

And finally, a very basic version with just carrots. Since there were no other vegetables, lots of fresh basil had to come up for that.

Which dish is the dish for you?

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