You see, my inner child is quite awake, so I need to surround myself with lovely little things to feel well. And since I love my bathtub, I recently got a few bathtub animals to have more company when taking a bubble bath.

From top to bottom:

Bak Bak
Jabu Jabu

As soon as they were in the water, they immediately started to make balloney. Missy and Bak Bak were a little hydrophobic at first, so they climbed on Jabu Jabu’s and Croc’s backs to stay dry, but within a few moments, they got dislodged. Confronting the averse stimulus is the best way to overcome fear – this is called exposition therapy in clinical psychology – and they learned quickly how to swim by themselves. Well, at least Missy did.

It turned out that Bak Bak, on the other hand, is a flip over duck.

Jabu Jabu watched the whole spectacle with his inborn serenity. He is just too big to keel over, so he has nothing to worry about (despite the little folks that likes to climb his back and tease him).

He can also spit little water fountains.

Do you have bathtub friends? And how do you like mine? Do you think it is childish to buy bathtub animals at a children’s department for your late-twenties (or older) self?

Serious answers please! I will stay like this anyway, I am just interested in your opinions. And we will keep this totally anonymous with a poll!

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