After a day of working my mind off, I like to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening. Wine is one of the few treats my body still somewhat agrees with, however, I always drink dry wine to keep sugar to a minimum. I also like it better. My favorites are white wines, and recently I have also found that I like rosé wines – but not red ones (except Pinot Noir probably), those give me headaches, and I prefer cooled wine anyway.

Since I have started to hang around the blog sphere, I have read some good things about Sauvignong Blanc, especially the one from New Zealand. You see, I am a great friend of classical German vines such as Riesling, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris, but the idea of trying a Sav Blanc from New Zealand settled down in a back corner of my mind. And it stayed there for months: Although it is not too difficult to find Sav Blanc from France, Spain, or South Africa over here, I have never seen one from New Zealand. Until now.

I almost could not believe it, but see, I am holding it in my hands there! And admittedly, it did cost a little more than what I would usually expend for a bottle of wine, but sheesh. Once in a while, you know? And it tasted so wonderfully like quinces!

It also looked nice in that lovely little jar, on my piano.

Do you remember that you were looking for something for quite a long time before you finally found it? And did you like it then?

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