After quite a long time, this weekend, a new episode of the Wine Chronicles was written.

We were five people this time, and the motto of the evening was not a particular grape variety (such as Riesling last time) but a region: southern France (where I have been already, 10 years ago ). There were two white and two red wines, accompanied by plates of food for all tastes.

We drank our way from the whites to the reds and from the light ones to the heavier ones.

The first wine, a Piepoul de Pinet, turned out to be my favorite of the evening already, due to it’s tender, mineralic flavors.

The next one, a Viognier, was much stronger in taste and almost slightly bitter in the end – not too much my cup of tea, but still quite nice to drink.

Being not a big friend of red wines, I was not surprised that I did not like the first red wine too much. I found it slightly sour with too many tannins.

The second one was quite good though, it had sour-cherry and berry flavors and was very mild although it was also quite heavy.

Overall, it was a lovely evening again, and I am looking forward to our next wine tasting! I wonder if I will find a red wine I really like one day, but this might not happen until we have a Pinot Noir evening.

Do you have a favorite wine country or wine region?

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