There are days when you get up and already know that you will not get anything done as planned. Today was a day like that. It started with going to bed way too late yesterday, and having to get up this morning after sleeping a few hours too little.

~ story of my life ~

I then realized that I have been devoured by mosquitoes last night. Although I do not eat much sugar anymore, there seems to flow honey in my veins, and they liked it.

~ they ate me from head to toe ~

Unnecessary to say that I have stitches everywhere, and they itch like crazy. I am very bad in tolerating things like that, and it was hard for me to sit through my Japanese class in the morning and my lab work in the afternoon without scratching all the time.

When I came home, I felt tired and sluggish, and my plans to spend a few productive hours with my diploma thesis in the evening started vanishing. In the end, I made almond butter instead.

I wanted to make white almond butter for some time now, and today was the day! James the blender did a great job again. I had bought skinless almonds and I highly recommend to do that! A while ago – since I claim from myself to try everything out before putting it on my blog – I had two hours of fun peeling a big bag of almonds I had soaked in hot water … It was a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, and I really do not have to repeat it. (For the record: I did not even use those almonds to make almond butter then. Mysteriously, they were eaten within a couple of days, before making their way into the blender … )

White Almond Butter

250 g (1 cup)


250 g (1/2 lb) almonds, skins removed


Put the almonds into a blender or kitchen machine and blend them on high speed. When the ground almonds stick to the walls of the container too much, stop blending and turn the machine off. Open the container, and carefully scrape the almonds off with a long spoon. (I had to do this 2 times after 60 seconds blending each, and granted my blender some time to cool down at these opportunities.) Then continue blending until the ground almonds have combined to creamy and delicious almond butter.

~ the lovely mess ~

So in the end, I am pleased with today after all. And writing on my thesis will go on tomorrow with a vengeance. I am confident about it!

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