One of my oldest and dearest blogging friends, has recently tagged me to share seven things about myself. I love things like this and am happy to tell you some more random facts about me, in addition to what I have already shared – here and here and here – and how you have come to know me via my blog.

* * * * *

(1) I am an only child, and not only that: I also do not have any cousins. Family for me used to be my parents, my two grandmoms, my granddad, and me. Now that my granddad has died, there is only five of us.

* * * * *

(2) I am not overly fond of many foods that other food bloggers tend to be crazy about. These include peanut butter (gah), tofu (eek), very dark chocolate (eww), and quinoa (yikes). I really tried them, even several times (because, you know, everyone deserves a fair chance), but … no, thanks.

~ sorry, quinoa – you just taste bitter to me, and you have hairs ~

* * * * *

(3) For several years of my life, I have lived with chronic pain. With “chronic” I mean 24/7 and very hard to bear. The pain was mostly due to inflammations in my joints, around my toe nails, or in my salivary gland, and I had to get surgery on my elbow, toes, and throat a couple of times. I know these inflammations are closely related to how I eat – I get them more often and heavier when I consume protein which my body cannot digest easily (gluten, casein, soy), combined with high acid load from coffee and sugar. This is why it is so important for me to eat a low-inflammatory and nutrient-dense diet that is high in alkaline foods (vegetables and fruit). And my blood sugar levels say “Thank you!” when there are plenty of protein and not too many carbs in it. Or I will end up like him.

~ have you already realized that I love him? ~

(4) When I was small, I believed that all animal food was fish. This is because my dad loves to fish and always caught so much that we ate fresh fish several times a week and never had to buy any. (My mom recently told me that she once made a chicken soup from a whole chicken, and the little me peeked into the pot, noticed the chicken, and said, “That is a funny looking fish in there!”) Dad still goes fishing a lot – even more since he has been retired – and just came back with 100 kg (!) of salmon from this year’s fishing trip he annually does with his friend.

~note the scale in the background! ~

* * * * *

(5) I needed to get 25 to learn what real friendship is. Although I have met a handful of people before that might have become really close friends, our life ways departed too early for the relation to deepen. In my real life, I have two best friends. One is quite the opposite of me, and one is very much like me. I see them as a part of my family – family by heart, if you want so. There are also a few people I met via blogging who I consider real friends now. Those of you who are will know that they are meant with this.

* * * * *

(6) After several years of secretly knowing already, but still doubting myself, I have decided and am determined to go for an academic career after finishing my studies. My major fields of interest are the crossroads of social and differential (personality) psychology, as well as multivariate statistics and psychometrics. Social psychology deals with how people behave as social beings (with regard to perception, cognition, and social interaction). Differential psychology deals with individual differences among people and the consequences for how they experience the world and behave in it. Multivariate statistics is about methods to examine a larger number of different variables at once. Psychometrics is about theories of measurement of psychological attributes. So you see, I am kind of a method nerd.

(I am also a little nerdy about other things, like the precision of expression, especially with regard to scientific stuff. You know, the word “definition” comes from the Latin word definitio which means “boundary”. There is little sense in defining certain concepts if they are then used inaccurately. This is why it upsets me when I read something about, say, “lean protein”. Of course, the idea of lean protein is absolute nonsense, because protein is never fat – protein and fat are completely different kinds of macronutrients. There are lean and rather fatty dietary sources of protein, depending on whether those foods contains protein mainly or also fats, but “lean protein” by itself makes little sense.)

* * * * *

(7) I need to surround myself with lovely things to feel well. And of course I still have all my cuties with me. Fröschi (the big, dark green frog) even goes with me to my exams. (He sits in my bag and inspires me with his magical brain waves, but nobody knows.)

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