Thank you all so, so much for being so happy with me about the finishing of my thesis! I still cannot believe it is done (I am slooooooooowwwww ), and I am also still completely exhausted. I feel as if a mill stone has been taken from me, and now I realize how much I have been squashed into mash underneath it. I feel somewhat detached from everything around me.

Right now, it is just half past 10 pm over here, and I am on my way to bed already. Very unlikely for me – usually, I go to bed long past midnight. I even fell asleep in the tram today, and I was constantly freezing (what always happens when I am tired), so I will just acknowledge these signs and get some rest. (Please notice the learning progress that has taken place with things like signs and rest during the past months! )

And of course, life is going to go on with a vengeance soon again. I still have my remaining final exams to take, but before that, I have a piano recital next weekend for which I have been preparing as well during the past weeks, and some research projects that want to be taken care of. I am very excited about that! So you see, I will not get bored or wonder what to do with my free time. Too many plans!

For now, I will leave you with this beautiful little short movie my friend recently showed me. She told me that she had to think of me immediately when she watched it (and we have never even met in real life), and that she thought I might like it. And I did! I more than liked it, actually – I absolutely loved it. It probably is one of the most wonderful and touching things I have ever seen, and it made me cry (every single time of the 20 or so times I have watched it so far – this is from somebody who usually cries once every 5 years or so, on the average). I love the music, the design, and the story.

The little movie is called “The Silence beneath the Bark”, congenial to the silence I currently feel within myself. It tells about the trees … I hope you like it as well!

Now, it is bed time for me. Sleep well or have a happy day, wherever you are!

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