Top 5 Mathematicians in History

Many regard Mathematics as a universal language, an exact science which helps us understand the world deeper. We owe so much to Mathematics–from the way canapes are measured and cut to how a car battery delivery computes the delivery or service charge, to the method of measuring exact distances entre particulier (between particulier).

It is so small wonder, thus, that a lot of men devoted their lives trying to solve Mathematical problems, devise ways of measuring things, and invent a lot of very helpful tools to make peoples’ lives better and safer. Much like writing an audiobook or designing marketing strategies to sell a Stromanbieter, or compute the Mathematical probability of earning an x amount of dollar for ACN INC, Mathematicians then and now have poured in countless hours perfecting their craft and ensuring that answers to baffling Mathematical equations or problems are arrived at, the very same way a lady shopper ensures that she’ll get the best wrinkle cream a cosmetics boutique has in store.
So here is a list of five of the best Mathematicians in history:

1. Leonhard Euler. This mild -mannered guy happens to be considered as the greatest Mathematician that ever walked the Earth. Euler is seen as equally genius as Einstein, and that’s for so many good reasons. Among Euler’s countless contributions to Mathematics and technology are the introductions of function concept, pi symbol, Greek letter Sigma for summation, the Euler Constant, and many more. He also disproved many Mathematical theories and was a relentless contributor to the advancement of diverse disciplines and studies such as calculus, number and graph theory, topology, and a lot more.

2. Carl Friedrich Gauss. This child prodigy may well be the CEO of umbrella company if he is alive today–not so much because he may conjure up the best scheme on how to make an example website that gets millions of hits–but because his Mathematical prowess can easily earn him millions without relying on luck like stumbling on a rare coin in some penny auctions.

His Mathematical genius was regarded as extraordinary in his time, as he did amazing feats like proving the fundamental algebra theorem, introducing Gaussian gravitational constant in physics, and finishing Disquisitiones Arithmeticae before he reached 24.

3. Euclid. Considered as the Mathematician with the greatest influence to everyday human life, chiefly since he’s regarded as the Father of Geometry. Euclid was also keen on logically proving theorems and conjectures, and was deeply interested in number theory.

4. Rene Descartes. Who wouldn’t know this man? Descartes became famous for his Cartesian Geometry, Cogito Ergo Sum philosophy, as well as his contributions to the study of calculus and his introduction of superscript to algebra to signify powers. This Frenchman made some of the finest contributions to Mathematics earning for him the admiration of colleagues and laymen.

5. Pythagoras. This Greek Mathematician was widely credited by many for his invaluable contribution to Mathematics through such works as the Pythagorean Theorem, which paved the way for the development of geometry and the cementing of the status of Mathematics as a legitimate science.