How the Speed of Light Hasn’t Been Broken at CERN

Contrary to the initial belief according to which Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity has been proved wrong and contrary to the general belief that the speed of light has been broken, the most recent data that has been recorded in 2011 comes to vanish all of these rumors. If you have gotten your Information Technology degrees online and you are not quite familiar with Einstein’s relativity theory, we should probably mention the fact that the famous scientist and his ideas were able to completely transform physics and astronomy during the 20th century, changing the old perceptions and centering around the concept of motion – stating that all motion is relative and that time is not absolute and uniform. In other words, time depends on velocity; also, the speed of light was considered to be the fastest existing speed that could be isolated up to this very day. However, the controversial CERN experiments that recently took place were supposed to prove the fact that the so-called “particle of God”, the particle responsible for the creation of the Universe was in fact able to be created inside a lab, under some extremely special conditions, and that this special particle was actually faster than the speed of light.

Probably no masters in Education, no engineering degree online, no online criminal justice degree and no Criminal Justice degree obtained at a public school would be able to provide you with the exact information and knowledge and area of understanding that you might need in order to completely embrace the complexity of the experiments that occurred in Genoa, at the CERN Institute. The particles studied there were called neutrinos and they were said to be 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light, hence completely destroying Einstein’s theory according to which the speed of light is a cosmic constant that cannot be surpassed.

As you can imagine, the work that has been completed didn’t resemble the work of any folks participating in some online penny auctions, nor it meant finding more data on insurance CE and its importance. Nevertheless, what you need to understand is the fact that this particular experiment proved to be wrong, according to a particular group of Italian scientists that have repeated al the tests and who have not obtained similar data like the ones obtained inside the CERN Institute. They claimed that the energy spectrum of the neutrino interactions that have been detected in the original experiment concluded by CERN only showed an agreement with the expectation for well-behaved light-speed-moving neutrinos. Differently put, it would seem that these special neutrino particles actually acted the way they were supposed to act, and so they did not challenge Albert Einstein’s theory in any way.

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