People who are interested in learning all about the history of mathematics should take advantage of this article here, check it right now in order to learn the brief history of this important science, or choose to visit website pages that specialize in mathematics and discover even more details that might pose interest to you. First, it is important to know that there is an entire study area called the history of mathematics, and this study area mainly focuses on debating and revealing the true origins of mathematics and all of its discoveries, as well as the study of all of the important mathematical methods.

Secondly, you should also know that there are many history books that can also be found in their electronic form, and once you can comes across such an example, you should go ahead and quickly download it. You could also try to locate a sample website that talks about modern age mathematics, if you are more interested in this particular field of mathematics. If you feel the need to go even deeper into the matter, you can always join the classes of a professional institute that specializes into mathematics or the history of mathematics.

For now, remember that the oldest texts that relate to mathematics are the ones known as Babylonian mathematics, dating back from 1900 BC, and also referred to as Plimpton 322, along with the Egyptian mathematics called the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, plus the Moscow Mathematical Papyrus. These three are the most ancient mathematical discoveries that have widely spread all over the world.

The Pythagoreans are the first ones to have started to pay full attention to the study of mathematics as a science on its own in the 6th century BC. They used the terms ‘mathematics’ as a derivate from the Greek word ‘mathema’, which means ‘subject of instruction’. With the help of a large number of Greek mathematicians, the methods and the general subject matter of mathematics were considerably improved. Special emphasis was put on the discovery and use of deductive reasoning and math rigor in proofs, while the Chinese people continued to ass the place value system to the previous discoveries and inventions. The creation of the numeral system as a result of the Hindu-Arabic work and its amazing evolution during the first millennium AD on the Indian land, followed by the passing of this numeral system into the west part of the world with the help of the Islamic mathematicians is also a highly important event that is part of the history of this crucial area of study.

Furthermore, the Islamic world went forward and created and then developed the mathematics that the previous mathematicians had given birth to. The Greek and Arabic texts were then further translated in Latin, and hence the medieval European finally met with science.

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