When people hear of the castle, what most of them have in mind is this. (By the way, it is a shame I have not been there and took pictures for you since I have started my blog – that is to come!)

But this is not the only castle we have in Heidelberg. There is also this one – however, both are ruins now.

This little castle is called “Tiefburg” which means “low castle” because it does not lie on a mountain like the other one, but down in the city.

So why are there two castles? Well, this has to do with the history of the city: Several districts of Heidelberg have been little towns on their own originally, that were incorporated by Heidelberg as the city grew. For this reason, these districts still have their peculiar, sometimes almost village atmosphere with old, rather low houses, small market places, little stone churches or a little castle, in the case of the district Handschuhsheim. “Handschuh” means “glove” in German, and “Heim” is “place to live”, so the emblem of Handschuhsheim shows a glove waving “hello”.

~ as you can tell from the sign, the Tiefburg is quite old already ~

Usually, the entrance is locked, but it will be opened when there are special events in the castle courtyard. This was the case last weekend, when an art exhibition by the district society of Handschuhsheim took place there. It was the first time that I saw the Tiefburg from within.

There is a central residential house that now serves as event location for the local societies, and also as a depository for the historical records of the district Handschuhsheim.

~ vine shall not be missed ~

~ people offered pottery, paintings, and photographs ~

There were speeches and a cello quartet playing in the breaks.

It was quite festive and a little traditional, but not too formal because everybody could move around freely. I sneaked around and pictured all the lovely little details I spotted around me.

~ I loved the cartwheels ~

~ a cart and barrels stuffed under the ceiling ~

~ more agricultural equipment ~

Does the place where you live have districts with a very peculiar atmosphere each? Do you feel that you belong to a certain district, next to the city where you live?

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