Mathematics is not the easiest subject in the world. You probably remember your last brush with mathematics in school when an assignment can be more than just a head-scratcher. You actually don’t need a survey to determine that kids past and present hate mathematics more than they hate any other subject. You need more than toys and gadgets for the boys or dolls and flowers Victoria BC for the girls to get them excited for math.

And so, parents ask the question: what are the ways that one can rely on to get help for solving mathematical problems? The same goes for college students who deal with plenty of take-home problem sets during the term and are faced with the challenge of doing well in order to qualify for next term. What follows below are tips that can help you find solutions to typical math problems so your parents does not mis sold mortgage to finance your education for nothing.

  • Your best bet is a tutorial class administered by senior students or qualified tutors who have previously taken up the specific math course that you are dealing now. In college, academic organizations are fond of doing this as a way of attracting new freshmen members. In high school and elementary, the school itself offers mathematics remedial sessions for those that need it. Many of these sessions are free and problems are actually solved as examples but if not, you can always sacrifice your plan to buy swtor credits and instead finance your immediate math needs first.
  • The internet is also a helpful resource for solving math problems. There are many websites which offer simplified versions of complex mathematical ideas as well as sample solutions to many different types of problems. You can visit site to check out these resources to see if you can find something that specifically meets your needs.
  • Now, it is very common for students to look at resources in the internet and end up not finding anything. The internet is such a big place that even things as common as where to buy Kratom can be quickly lost in the noise of cyberspace. So why not ask a question instead? This is what forums and communities are for. Instead of trying to find similar samples to the problem that you want to solve, a forum question actually allows other users to answer your question directly so you get a targeted response to your needs. If you don’t have the time to look, then allow the answer to come to you.
  • Of course, your best bet is to study and learn the concepts yourself. While this may be easier said than done, you can bet that this is the most fulfilling way to solve mathematical problems. You can even head to the university library to find more books that may explain complex concepts in a simpler way. The trick is to not fixate on just one book and instead take the time to explore as many resources as possible so you end up with more references. In the same way, your parents will always try to find the best PPI calculator for their needs because they know different calculators use different algorithms to get the answer that they want.

Mathematics is all about perseverance and the desire to not give up. It won’t be easy, yes, but once you get the basic concepts down pat, everything will flow smoothly. Just keep at it and use the tips above to find helpful references that can assist you in solving problems so you can pick up the concepts faster and more effectively.

Do you remember my favorite orchard trail along the mountains (which are low mountains, admittedly, but they are mountains)? My neighbors own a garden half way up the mountain side where they have fruit trees and grow vegetables. When they recently went for a vacation, they gave me these before they left.

~ leek, lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes ~

~ more tomatoes ~

~ some of them looked very funny ~

And then, I received a package from my parents that was filled with vegetables my Dad had grown in his roof garden.

~ hokkaido squash, white bell peppers, more zucchini ~

~ green beans ~

So you see, this kindness got me directly into veggie heaven. And home-grown vegetables also taste so much better!

Which kinds of veggies have you eaten home-grown so far? Did you notice a difference?

I love the idea of growing your own food – it is so fresh and tasty, and makes you feel so much more connected with what you eat. My dad has a very green thumb – he grows a lot of vegetables and herbs in his greenhouse and various flower pots in the roof garden – and every year in summer, when I visit my parents during the semester breaks, I have the possibility to indulge. It is a pleasure.

~ I harvested a pot like that every second day ~

In this city, however, where I live most of the year, it is not so easy to grow plants. Although I am happy to live in a house that belongs to a bigger complex of buildings arranged around a lovely courtyard, I do not have any garden space, and since I do not own a car (and cannot drive anyway), getting 10 liter bags of flower soil and big pots really is an obstacle – so I was even more happy to find a few ownerless flower pots in the cellar, and my neighbors gave me the rest of their flower soil. Ready for planting I was! I just needed some plants, and those I bought at the whole foods store today, after getting home from my research assistant work.

These lovely little plants took a place in my heart immediately! What exactly did I plant?

~ tomatoes ~

~ one of them is a cherry tomato plant, but I cannot tell which ~

~ hokkaido squash (a relative of kabocha, but orange) ~

~ red bell pepper (capsicum) ~

I will be watering them every day and hope that they will grow! They will also get enough sunlight where I have placed them (below my kitchen window). So, one day, I may be able to make something like this with my own home-grown tomatoes …

Tomato and Shiitake Salad

1 serving

Salad Ingredients

3 tomatoes, quartered and cut into slices
4 dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked and cut into slices
1 handful Thai basil (or basil)
1 handful chives, chopped

Dressing Ingredients

1 tbsp oil (I used rice oil)
2 tsp soy sauce
salt to taste
shichimi spice to taste (substitute with chili pepper and sesame seed)


Dried shiitake mushrooms need about 1 hour of soaking or a few minutes of boiling in water to get soft. Mix tomatoes and mushroom slices, Thai basil, and chives in a bowl. In another bowl, whisk oil, soy sauce, salt, and shichimi spice. Pour the dressing over the salad and enjoy.

This was wonderfully quick to make and very refreshing. I threw in some leftover roasted chicken and had a yummy dinner! And temperatures already allowed for enjoying it outside.

Do you like gardening? What do you grow? Or, what would you like to grow?